Trade Consultancy


Do you keep running into obstacles when sourcing products from China? Do you keep banging your head against the wall thinking there must be a better way when importing?

We know what it’s like, we’ve seen hundreds of clients in the ecommerce industry (including FBA sellers) as well importers selling via traditional channels or importing raw materials struggling and we’ve helped dozens of them save time and energy by soliciting our expertise.

Our China Import Consulting service is designed specifically to deal with these issues.


We’ve seen many importers try and do it themselves and they often find their sunk costs skyrocketing. When you work with us, you have the opportunity to learn alongside us without the risk of making a mistake.


If you are finding yourself with any of these issues, know that we are here to help you, and we’ve nailed the process to do so.

Resolving Disputes

  • Quality Disputes: my inspection has failed and the supplier refuses to rework the goods, what do I do?
  • Financial Disputes: my supplier has gotten my advance and now wants to raise the price, what should I do?
  • Logistics Disputes: my goods are held by customs and the supplier cannot provide the documents required to release them, what are my options?

Finding a Reliable & Trustworthy Supplier

  • Who are the right suppliers to work with? How can I tell the difference between quality people and the pretenders?
  • Why do these English-speaking suppliers not seem to understand me?
  • How do I get samples; and how many suppliers should I seek samples from?
  • How do I know if  suppliers certificates are genuine?

Ensuring Quality

  • How can I ensure quality of the final goods? How do I ensure the final goods meet the quality of the samples I received?
  • How do I know which inspections (such as pre-production or DUPRO inspections) are appropriate for my products?

Ensuring Time Efficiency

  • When should I pay for higher time efficiency? When is the tradeoff worth it?
  • How do I know which logistics to adopt, at which period of the year?
  • Why do I use such basic tools to communicate with my important partners?

Keeping Costs Down

  • Payment issues: Whether to use TT or a letter of credit?
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Is it negotiable, what if I can’t meet the minimums?
  • Shipping: air, sea, who pays, and what about insurance?


If you need help with one of the issues above, please contact us to book a consulting session. Whilst we can help you on an ad hoc basis if you have a pressing issue, we do our best work when providing the Consultancy Services.

We will analyze your importing business model — see where you can cut costs, improve efficiencies, and target new opportunities.


We will help you avoid expensive mistakes and short circuit the trial and error approach that so many new importers use as their default learning tool, thereby helping you substantially reduce the time it takes to achieve your goals.


IMEX Consultancy Service allows you to set the agenda. You decide what we’re going to cover. What’s important, critical, and pressing to you RIGHT NOW?

Think of our service as your ‘consultant on call’. Some clients keep a rolling list of procedural or operational questions concerning importing. When they have several questions they need handled, they simply schedule a call and we tick the list off, one by one.