Social Media Project Brief

This is about a platform where content will be strictly filtered and let it capable to view without any monitoring.

The company have more than 23 expression of interests from national and multinational groups. This will be a great revenue model as well as a whole new concept to grab audience in a short period of time.

The feasibility percentage of the project is as follows:

Research and Software Development 28%
Marketing and Sales 20%
Assets 45%
Fixed expenses 8% that will be divided into first 3 months.

Expected revenue model is as follows:

Advertising 45%
Subscription 15%
Content on Demand 25%
Product Sales / Ecommerce 15%

Expected breakeven time will be around 3 to 4 months.

At the time of launch, expected company value will be increased upto 10 to 17 %. On that time, partners can sell their share if they want to.

Company and Project will be officially registered in UAE and Pakistan under the law of the land and will be fully tax transparent. Partnerships will be on official share certificates and legal agreements.

Meetings and briefing to partners and key handlers will be once a month and progress report can be accessed online by all partners.

For detailed feasibility presentation, please connect with our following Whatsapp