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IR TouchScreen Display Sensor. You can make any surface a touchsree. Ideal for any retail outlet, restaurant, Showroom or Office. Available from 22 to 120″ of sizes.

Product Description


Touch Technology Infrared
Touch Pressure Zero Pressure
Light transmittance > 92%(if without tempered glass, light transmittance is100%)
Report Resolution 4096 x 4096
Minimum recognition point size 2mm×2mm
Minimum Contacts Movement Detection 3mm
Surface Durability 7H
Resistance to bad environment Redundancy extremely high,if 20% of the sensor damages,still keep multi-touch functions
Touch Points recognition 2 points,6 points,10 points,12 points, 16 points,32 points,64 points
Operating Voltage 5.0V(Internal voltage 3.3V)
Average Current <200mA
Power Consumption 1W
Maximum Current <350mA
Sleep Current <10mA
Response Speed ≤10ms
Interface USB 2.0 HID Mode
Scanning rate 100 Frames/Second
Durability Anti-electromagnetism
Life span Sensor:5000HTotal Sensor:100,000HSaving Mode:1,000,000H
Interference No static interference, No drifting
Object shape recognition Support
Touch Way Finger And Pen (Not capacitive, not Electromagnetic pen)
Multi Touch Protocol TUIO protocol(UDP Mode),TUIO AdobeFlash Mode(TCP Mode)Win 7 Multitouch HID protocol
Support Platform  Windows 7/8 ,Windows Vista , Windows XP,MAC OS,Linux,Android,etc
General suitable LCD Size 17 –103 inch , custom design
Humidity Range Operating\Storage Humidity:90%RH,in 40°C No condensing
Temperature Range Operating:0°C~50°C ; Storage:-40°C~85°C