Interiors & Fit-Out

While working with our Clients in Corporate Real Estate, We have found that once you are responsible for branding, corporate identity and workspace, you must need your own team that can understand the requirements. Budget is major focus when it comes to cost cutting. We gathered professionals with us for this provide our clients a hazzle free outcomes and keep connected with other domains that are directly concerned with your fit-out and construction projects.


Our experienced architecture team combines creativity and practical knowledge to design iconic buildings that are environmentally and socially sustainable. Working closely to understand the individual needs of clients, we develop comprehensive plans to meet your budget and brief.


Our professional interior designers carefully study rooms and project goals to strategically plan the space to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 3D imaging lets us show our clients what the finished space will be like, to ensure our clients are happy and work best possible close to the imaginations


Our skilled construction team brings our design ideas to reality. Each is an expert in their craft, including masons, painters, polishers, plumbers, and carpenters. And our supervisors are experienced in running team effectively to ensure safety & standards are upheld and deadlines are met.


Landscape PLC vouches to take over project’s management under its control. You no longer have to spend time & energy keeping the details in check. With our fortnightly & monthly reports, and daily monitoring we make sure you are aware of the progress of your anticipated construction and fit-outs.


Bespoke furniture maximizes the look and function of a space. We have our own team of artisan makers, skilled in producing individual pieces that compliment the design theme. From minimalistic, contemporary pieces to traditional furniture, we create pieces for homes, offices, shops and communal outside areas.


Drawings & 3D Illustrations

SBS-I provides architectural rendering and engineering design services which ensures that your visualization design is completely and effectively integrated into your presentation or distributed promotional media.

Some of our services are standard architectural and engineering drawings, cost estimations, layering and 3D modeling which help you save costs. We have highly trained and skilled professionals with engineering and architectural backgrounds who will provide quality architectural renderings, illustrations, animations and flythrough for architects, developers, designers and advertising agencies. Our vast experience and proficiency in architectural design, engineering services and 3D visualization makes us an enviable company to handle your projects.. We provide you with a unique advantage when it comes to quality of service, flexible production schedule, fast turnaround and highly competitive pricing. We go the extra mile by providing non-disclosure agreements to you when required so as to keep your data safe and protected as we value long term business relationships with all our customers.