Business Representation Services

Our business representation service offers a cost-efficient and low-risk alternative for entering the Pakistan and UAE and Turkish market.

For many SMEs the market entry and market development in foreign countries is a considerable undertaking. Furthermore, market, country and language knowledge is often limited, as well as personnel and financial resources. To overcome these barriers, a local business representation could be a convenient solution.

The business representation service offers a contact point for potential customers and business partners in Pakistan and UAE. Participating companies will receive a postal and physical address with their own telephone number. You will be looked after by a bilingual staff member who is familiar with the Pakistan and UAE market and  way of thinking.

The service allows SMEs to build up closer relations with customers and to improve sales opportunities, despite the up to 12 hour time difference. We will act as a bridge between your export department and the Pakistan and UAE customers and business partners. We are here to represent your interests in Pakistan and UAE.

Overview of your advantages:

  •  Cost efficiency
  • Local proximity to customers
  • Getting to know the Pakistan and UAE purchasing behaviour
  • Improved sales opportunities

Basic Service:


  • Postal and physical address which can be used as business address
  • Own telephone and fax number and email if necessary
  • You will be looked after by a bilingual staff member who is familiar with the Pakistan and UAE market and way of thinking
  • Handling of telephone, email and post enquiries and forwarding of incoming mail
  • Storage facilities for brochures and presentation material

Additional Services:

  • Organising your business trip and meetings in Pakistan and UAE
  • Organising your company presentation / event
  • Trade fair preparation, implementation and follow-up
  • Research of potential new customers and/or partners
  • Promotional marketing activities (e.g. advertisement placement, press releases, mailings)
  • Further services