Business Consultancy


Marketers need to focus on building brand value, driving revenue and increasing market share. This requires a precise strategy which involves collaborating with sales and customer service.

We know it can be hard persuading the CRM to invest in marketing, often causing CMOs to battle with limited resources. Once you’ve constructed your strategy, you need it to rapidly take shape, so you can turn your sceptics into supporters.


Today’s customer is in the driving seat. Facts, figures and feedback are readily available in this information age. You need to be able to deliver the right customer experience at the same time as improving growth and margin. Not only do you need to drive sales, you also need to transform customer experience while keeping control of costs. All of this has made the sales role more complex than ever.\

Order management and fulfilment

Successful order management and fulfilment will keep customers loyal and boost reputation. Businesses should aim for as close to 100% satisfaction as possible. Anything less will harm customer experience.

Customer services

Great customer service is about exceeding expectations. If you know who your customers are, understand their specific needs and design your service organisation around them, you can build a market leading experience, improving retention and referrals.

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to improve your reputation. In some scenarios, contact should be slick, digitalised and hassle free. Elsewhere, a personalised or proactive approach can really wow customers.

Transformation and design

A successful transformation is fuelled by a powerful vision. To create a vision, you need to understand what is in your portfolio and how your customers segment. You must also know your capital expenditure, customer experience and  geographies. Then you need to be able to translate that vision into real change within your organisation.


The right technology, combined with people, process and data, helps increase efficiency, grow profitability and improve performance. But it’s difficult to choose the right technology and then potentially even more difficult to get it implemented and adopted successfully. How do you make sure you successfully meet the business need when you need to change technology to adapt to constantly moving business requirements?


Getting your customer data right is the key to getting your DSO under control.

And it’s not just your DSO that benefits – your entire business relies on your customer data being accurate. Precise customer data ensures you market to the right people, prioritise the right customers and allocate your resources to the right opportunities. It also means your people don’t waste time navigating unusable and inaccurate systems and don’t squander tech spend. And we haven’t even touched on GDPR and compliance.