What to include in a business profile

Constructing a business profile template may present challenges as businesses are not all the same. They operate in different industries, and some may have been around longer than others. A few common elements comprise the profile template:

Details about the business

Company overview

Highlights or milestones achieved

Optional information

1. Details about the business

This section should begin your profile and mention details of the company such as:

Name of the company

Date it was established

Addresses of individual locations

Phone and fax numbers

Email address

Website URL

2. Company overview

In this section, you’ll discuss the operational basics of the business. The overview is usually the largest section, and the items detailed may include some of the following, with the decision based on the type of business:

Description of the business that includes vision, mission or purpose

Description of the products supplied

Description of the services provided

History outlining growth and expansion

Public relations initiatives

Advertising campaigns

Related Industry information

Health and safety, and environmental operating policies

Details of team members

Client and product portfolio

3. Highlights or milestones achieved

In this section, you can outline some achievements of the business, including:

Media reports




Specially designed or recognized projects or programs

4. Optional information

This section includes any information that adds value to the business outline. It can include details such as:

Number of employees

Business partners

Annual sales

Financial targets

Major customers

Photographs or related images

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