Graphics and Dynamics

Do you attract feeling while you are creating a graphic?

Indeed, the world of visualization today needs to hit on the feeling of your viewer whether by poster or a video. Sometime you need to confuse and let your audience think “what you want to say” OR to keep it very simple to understand your message.

Time is money and when you are not inviting or forcing somebody to see what you want to say through you poster, post, video or billboard, then you must keep the time in mind in which a viewer can see, understand and decide.

User of facebook scroll almost many kilometers in a whole day and skip many many posts, ads and videos. Reason is same, as a graphic professional you have to create something that let him stop for a while and in that tiny while your content invide him to “read more” or explore.

In this era of branding and attraction, your maximum energy should be consumed on your presentation of the offer and packaging of your product. Off course the quality of the product matters most but there is no benefit of a quality product which is being invited from a nonsense and non trendy way and low grade packaging.

Yes, we know this and we take time to work on many possibilities before design a post, stationery, website or packaging as well as logo. And this is “hit after hit” tactic as you should not let yourself stop after one launch.

Lets conclude. Sense the pulse, observe the trend, put all the possibilities in your plate, let your audience taste and whatever picked, just go for it.