SBS PACMAN (Personal Account Manager)

Overview of SBS PACMAN Benefits

SBS PACMAN comes with a plethora of capabilities and tools to make invoice management and all its related processes a breeze for you and your business. You can make quotations and invoices in real time and immediately send it to your clients, who can easily view your invoices online or have it printed on paper or quickly make payments within the system.

When you create your quotations and invoice, you can easily add clients and project details. You can include branding elements (logos, colors, etc.) to give your invoices that custom/personalized feel to reflect your brand.

For time-based projects and services, SBS PACMAN allows you to track work and invoice your clients by the hour or minute. The software includes a time tracking functionality to ensure that all your work and services provided are invoiced accurately.

Billing monthly services and subscriptions don’t need to difficult. SBS PACMAN lets you set up recurring invoices and auto-bill your customers on a monthly or annual basis, saving you the time and effort that you can use on other pressing matters.

Being an open source platform, SBS PACMAN is constantly developed and improved by a community of developers who takes into account the needs, requests, and complaints of the end-users. That means SBS PACMAN is built to perform to meet the needs and changing requirements of freelance professionals and SMBs that use it.

Overview of SBS PACMAN Features

  • Create Quotations & Invoices in Real-Time
  • Create Tasks, Projects, and Track Time
  • Customize Invoices with Your Logo
  • 40+ Payment Options Supported​
  • Accept Deposits & Partial Payments
  • ​Create Recurring & Auto-Bill Invoices
  • Build Trust with a Custom URL Link
  • Professional Invoice Template Design
  • Item & Product Library System

What Problems Will SBS PACMAN Solve?

  • Make quotations that clients can easily approve and convert quotations into invoices for payment in one click. No need to manage multiple documents.
  • Integrate with more than 40 payments gateways, enabling freelancers & small businesses to utilize their preferred payment gateway regardless of where they are based in the world.
  • Time tracking work tasks & projects to invoice, are now within a single system. No need to accounts with different apps, SBS PACMAN has a suite of apps within one system.

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