eCampus (E-Learning Management System)



 Add a new user
Archive users
 Browse list of users
 Bulk User Actions
 Custom/Mandatory User profile fields
 Upload users


 Mobile Learning Support
 Personalized views


 Define roles
 Role Assignment
 System Permissions per role
 Teams and Team Hierarchies


Activity grading

 Course History
 Gradebook audit trail
 Gradebook comments
 Manual Grading (“Marking”)
 Multiple grading scales


 Attendance Tracking
 Automated Enrollment (based on User data)
 Guest Access Settings
 Manual Enrollment
 Self-enrollment (with a PIN #)
 Survey enrollment (based on a response)


 IP Blocker
 Restrict registration to specific domains
 Strong Passwords


 Active Directory/LDAP Integration
 Custom User login page
 Manual Accounts
 No login
 SAML2/API Integration
 Self-Registration w. Admin Confirmation


 Course Discussions
 Gamification Format
 Learner Upload
 LIVE Chat Option
 LIVE Videoconferencing / Webinar
 Social Format
 Topics Format
 Weekly Format

Mobile learning

 Offline (disconnected Mobile app)
 Online (Internet connected)


 Assign Courses to categories
 Create new Categories
 Manage Categories
 Priced Categories (Bundle)


 Badge customization
 Customize Gamification mechanics

System reports

 Automatic email reports in predefined intervals
 Custom reports generator
 Email notification settings
 Live Logs

Certificate management

 Certification life-cycle
 Manage certification templates
 Predefined certification templates
 Unique Certificate by Course
 Unique Certification by Curriculum

Interface options

 Additional external pages
 Block Management
 Calendar Settings
 Language settings
 Location Settings
 Media embedding settings
 Multilanguage Support
 Ready-made Themes


 Automated Report Scheduling
 Canned Reports
 Dashboards and Graphic Reports
 Email delivery of Reports
 Exporting Reports in variety of formats
 Grading Report Settings
 Training Record Maintenance

Compliance management

 Certificate expiration notifications
 Certification Expiration Management
 Due Date notifications
 Soft/Hard Stop Due Dates


 Assignments Engine
 Built-In Authoring Tool
 Can reuse PPTs, PDFs, Videos
 Changing Course default settings
 Consume online video content
 Course backup Options
 Learning Paths (Curriculums)
 Scheduling LIVE events
 Survey Engine
 Tests Engine
 Upload courses

Learning types

 Asynchronous Instructor-led
 Asynchronous Self-paced
 Blended Learning
 Synchronous Virtual Classroom
  • Courses management
  • Users management
    • 9 pre-defined user profiles*
      • students
      • tutors (student with special permissions)
      • teachers
      • coaches
      • session coaches
      • session managers
      • HR director
      • portal administrator
      • global administrator
    • extend users data with extra fields
    • sort students by classes and subscribe to courses and sessions new

Course features

  • 20 pedagogical tools
    • document management
      • upload, download, show, hide, organize, search titles
      • record locutions from your browser
      • generate speech from text from your browser
      • create and edit diagrams from your browser
      • upload and edit pictures from your browser
      • download directory as zip
      • upload zipped directory
      • drag&drop upload
      • text indexing (requires Xapian app on server)
      • use documents as templates
      • use default templates
      • use media library to illustrate documents (including audio, video, images)
    • assignments
      • assign tasks with or without deadline
      • enable document upload or online answer
      • automatically close at certain date (+ hidden secret acceptable date)
    • tests
      • create/edit/delete questions
      • import and re-use questions from other tests, other courses, other sessions
      • sort questions by categories. Use tags to recognize types of questions
      • import questions in Excel format
      • 9 question types:
        • multiple answers, single right answer
        • muliple answers, multiple right answers
        • fill-in the blanks
        • matching answers
        • open question
        • image areas
        • exact combination (multiple answers, multiple right answers, selected without error)
        • single right answer with “don’t know”
        • multiple right answers t/f/dunno
        • exact combination t/f/dunno
        • oral expression (audio answer) new
    • survey
      • create/edit/delete surveys
      • invite users
      • use as anonymous survey
      • send to non-subscribed users
    • wiki
      • create/edit/delete pages
      • let students create/edit/delete pages
      • score the contribution of students
      • include the scored contribution into evaluations new
    • forum
      • create forum categories, forums and forum threads, search content
      • get notified when a new answer is posted
    • chat
      • personal (facebook-like) (new) and course-based chat sessions
    • agenda
      • create/edit/delete events
      • google-like agenda new
    • announcements
      • create/edit/delete announcements and send them by e-mail to all or selected users
    • pedagogical description
      • create/edit/delete descriptions for your course
    • links
      • create/edit/delete links to external resources
      • embed linked pages inside learning paths
    • documents sharing (dropbox)
      • upload private documents
      • send to all or selected users
    • working groups
    • certificates/learning objectives
      • generate automatic course-completion certificate
      • show certificates publicly (“demo” your skills acquisition) new
      • define several certificates per course new
      • QR codes on certificates
      • public certification URL can be added to certificate new
    • glossary
      • create/edit/delete glossary terms for your course
      • allow glossary terms to be highlighted in any text in documents, learning paths and exercises
    • user tracking
      • follow the student’s progress inside your course
    • attendance
      • register attendance to your in-class course easily
      • show students pictures so you can identify them more eeasily
      • create recurring events
    • course progress
      • show the structure of the course to be taught and mark progress

Advanced features

  • Social learning network
    • Mark friends
    • Form or join interest groups
    • Publish your portfolio
    • Link to your blog’s last post (or any RSS feed)
    • Publish links to your other social networks profiles
  • Training sessions/cycles management
    • possible later access to courses in read-only (allows graduates to get access to their previous courses)
    • group courses together to give learners a feeling of “academic cycle” (a group of learners
    • Special access screen for learners to sessions, time-based
  • Tracking export for external statistica tools (Jasper reports, Excel, etc)
  • Terms and conditions management
    • Multilingual terms & conditions
    • Users have to accept to register on the virtual campus
    • Updates of terms requires re-acceptation to maintain access
  • Customizable appearance (upload new stylesheets through the interface)
    • 15 pre-defined styles shipped with the software
  • Glossary terms can be enabled inside documents, exercises and learning paths
    • Various modes of inclusion, allowing to “hover” a term to get its definition
  • Automatic alerts to the trainer on students’ delivery of assignments or online tests
  • Real-time limit for tests/exams
  • Availability timeframe for tests/exams
  • Private-, group-, course- or session-specific chatrooms
  • Varied exports of course and session content
  • Timezones management (for international organizations)
  • Asian, Russian, Nordic, Arabic characters management (alsp complete support of English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German interface, plus partial support of more than 40 languages)
  • Dashboard for the training manager
  • Attendance sheets
  • Import of external results into scoring for delivery of certificates
  • Shared calendar (with import/export from iCal format events)
  • Defining additional fields for users profile
  • Platform-wide announcements
  • Course catalog
    • Score any course to show your support
    • Check how many people connect to the course
  • CSV/Excel data import/export
  • Developer’s API (Web Services): integrate with ERP, CRM, CMS and KM systems
  • Compatible with HTTPS to secure your portal
  • Security filters on file extensions
  • WCAG/WAI accessibility standard support
  • Connectors to other software
    • LDAP/ActiveDirectory connector available
    • CAS connector available
    • Shibboleth connector available
    • OpenID connector available
    • Drupal connector available
    • Joomla connector available
    • Oracle connector available (through modified SOAP)
    • IBM DB2 connector (available soon)
  • Internal messaging tool
  • Online e-mail editor (replaces the necessity of a separate e-mail editor)
  • Extensible through plugins
  • Open Source (GNU/GPLv3 license and compatible licenses for components)
  • Online users page
  • Editable document templates (allowing for the use of a common branding in newly created documents)
  • Editable homepage
  • Editable registration page
  • Flexible new tabs definition
  • Social learning network platform
    • Create interest groups
    • Link to other social network platforms
    • Register links to “friends”
    • Send messages, images, videos to other platform users

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