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SBS Interiors & Fitout

While working with our Clients in Corporate Real Estate, We have found that once you are responsible for branding, corporate identity and workspace, you must need your own team that can understand the requirements. Budget is major focus when it comes to cost cutting. We gathered professionals with us for this requirement.to provide our clients a hazzle free outcomes and keep connected with other domains that are directly concerned with your fit-out and construction projects.

Property Investment in Islamabad

Property investment in Islamabad is one of the most coveted investments in the country. Owing to its luscious greenery, organised layout, security, and safety, the capital city is the fastest growing cities in the world in terms of real estate and property sector. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether property investment in Islamabad is a wise decision, we might be able to help you make a decision. Let’s begin!

Turnkey Software Applications

Point of Sales

Full working online software for your retail needs. Ideal for Superstore, Marts, Retail Outlet and Online Stores

Food Ordering

Software with mobile app to receive order online, Instantly with address details and response

Social Portal

Your own social portal to engate your staff with each other during office hours to avoid distraction and waste of time

Double Entry

A Traditional double entry accounting system that can handle your accounting, inventory and manufacturing needs.

Easy Account

Basic accounting for small enterprises with receipts, payments, billing, ledger and reports.

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